Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Whether it is the impossibly motivating adrenaline rush that surges through one's body during an uninterupted "swell session" where the blood courses through the veines to the muscles causing a near skin splitting effect.  Or, that natural high, knowing that for 45 minutes to 1 hour you are UNTOUCHABLE! 

Whatever your motivation, KEEP GOING! 

As much as I love lifting weights, there are several different types of lifters.  There's the power lifter, the olympic lifter, those lifting for sports (performance), those who lift for cardio, the body builder, functional trainer, and the all too often seen beach muscle only lifter (yeah! YOU TINY LEGS!)  DO A DAMN SQUAT!

Well today, is the day we talk about functional training and the revolutionary TRX RIP TRAINER!
I love this piece of equipment because it pushes the body in ways ordinary strength training does not.  With its design alone it forces the body and its muscle(s) to work asymetrically, providing you with a more complete total body workout. 

Asymetrical training has become a more sought after style of training for the complete athlete and everyday warrior as it more closely relates to our everyday activities allowing us to train in multiple plaines simultaneously.  By working through multiple plaines it allows us to isolate specific muscle groups, target our core (core strength is the foundation of all elite athletes), and increase total body endurance.  All of this, with one piece of equipment, without ever having to change or pick up a weight.  Check out the video above.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Train Your Mind, Train Your Body

Welcome Back,

As a trainer it is easy for me to have success with my own training because it is my life.  If I miss a scheduled workout for myself, my day just is not the same.  The reason being is that for me training is as much mental as it is physical.  If my mind is not ready, my workout(s) tend to suffer and the (training) day is lost. 

I am a huge stickler on NOT good, but EXCELLENT form when training, as even, the slightest mishap can lead to injury.  And the only way to excellent form is to pay attention and focus on the movement and muscles at hand.

As I work with my clients I repeatedly ask them to "focus" and by that I mean pay attention to the exercise at hand and the muscles we are trying to recruit for "work."  Too many people enter a gym or training facility with everything on their minds except for the task(s) at hand, keeping them from their full fitness potential. 

Take for example a simple push-up.  It is almost never ending, when I ask someone to perform a push-up that their triceps are doing 90% of the work and the big muscle we're trying to target (the chest) is doing little to none of the work.  When the client returns the next day or when I ask them as they finish up, how their chest is feeling, they reply "we did chest?" Or "my arms are sore."  We then have to return to the basics and re-train their minds to train their bodies.  As trainers, clearly we are not able to contract your muscles for you and without a severly invasive hands on technique, we can not tell if you are even using the "target muscles."  Typically the name of the exercise explains the muscle groups being worked, (with the exception of a few) so when asked to perform a Chest Press you should assume you will be using your chest.  If you are not feeling it in the chest, chances are you are not doing it correct and you should seek advice. 

Which brings me back to "train your mind to train your body."  Fitness and healthy living is a state of mind as much as it is an activity.  Too many people just go through the motions, which leads to boredom, which typically leads to a gym membership that is just another bill instead of what it should be, an "investment in your life."  If you can train your mind to see fitness as a way of life and increase its level of importance to you, rather than it being just another thing on your list of "things to do" going to the gym will matter and the likely hood of you continuing on to fitness success is far greater. 

It so much easier to quit something that takes work and effort especially if you are not "ALL IN" and unfortunately our health and wellness is the first thing kicked to the curb when life becomes too "busy."  I call BS!  It should always be in the forefront of our minds and the first thing thing to stay, its far less expensive to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle than it is to pay for perscriptions (and trips to the doctor) that may help one thing and hinder another.  Avoid the status quo and be different! 

TRAIN YOU MIND FOR SUCCESS, put fitness first and the body shall follow.  Your bosses will have to understand ;) because what good are you to them, if you're laid up in a hospital or WORSE! 

Best Wishes,

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Revolutionized Calorie Counting!!! My Fitness Pal

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has been too long!  I could make the excuse to you that I have been too busy to keep you updated with the latest and greatest in the fitness world but I won't. 

Now, I am sure most of you already know about the software/app that I am going to share with you but if you do not know what I am talking about, PAY ATTENTION! 

If you're like most people trying to shed a few pounds, you have probably tried counting calories and more than likely have failed at it.  The reason being that it does take time and it is not always convenient.  Therefore, the calorie counting goes out the window and the results suffer. 

I have clients telling me all the time that they know "HOW" to eat and that they "DON'T EAT BAD" but the point they are missing is, not that they do not know how to eat or that they are eating bad, it is the simple fact that they are EATING TOO MUCH if weight loss is the goal.  Or, they are not eating enough if weight gain is the goal. 

With all of the technology, (smart phones, tablets, and computers) logging your nutrition and guessing has become a thing of the past.  I can't think of anyone who does not have their phone on them at most hours of the day.  In fact, I bet you have it right next to you as you read this, or you're reading this on your phone.  Either way, my point is, if you want to be successful whether it's weight loss, weight gain or simply to maintain it is important to know how much is going into your body and whether or not you are able to burn off those calories throughout the day.

With the help of a handy little app on your phone, tablet or computer called My Fitness Pal it takes the guess workout out of calorie counting and puts you back in control.  This app is perfect for those on the go.  There are over 1.8 million different food items and it even comes with a bar code scanner to help eliminate tedious data input.  Best of all!  It's FREE!

MFP has made this app to help keep you accountable and keep you on track all along your journey whatever it may be.  It allows you to interact with friends via their integrated social network so you and your friends, trainer or family can keep each other in check. 

If you are the type of person who thinks that logging food is a waste of time I have living proof that it works.  For 9 weeks my then fiance (now wife) used MFP to log her nutrition while working out diligently, she managed to lose 6% body fat and 5lbs. before our wedding day.  All the while she was able to indulge in some of her favorite foods while staying within her designated calories for her particular weight group. 

One of the greatest things about this app is that it allows you to eat some of the foods you enjoy while keeping you honest about portion sizes.  (Keep in mind eating the foods you like is fine but there are other consequences to be aware of not just weight gain.) 

My Fitness Pal is a fantastic, user friendly app that helps assure positive results.  Give it a try, you wont be disappointed.

Best Wishes,

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Push Up Nation!

Hello again,

In America we have grown accustomed to instant gratification. Everything we do is fast paced, on the run, Go Go Go! So much that we make the excuse when it comes to fitness that we don't have enough time. I can't miss my show(s). Or we use our kids as a scapegoat. Well not anymore.

A workout can be done and done well in less than 30 minutes, whether its total body, cardio or body part specific. It can be done in your room on the road, in front of the tv in your house or in the break room at the office.

My favorite exercise that requires no equipment at all is the push up. There are so many different variation of the push that targets not only your chest muscles but your muscles throughout your body all the way to your toes. The push up is an excellent catalyst for muscle recruitment. It stimulates the muscles in your back, your chest, your core, and even your legs in some instances.

Below is a list of various push ups that can rock your body in less than 30 mind and keep your metabolism pumping all day.

Standard push ups
Incline push ups
Decline push ups
Spider mans
Burpee's w push ups
Diamond push ups
Alternating push ups (rt arm to lft arm)
Marine push ups (challenging)
Single arm push ups

And the list goes on, Master these exercise and you could be well on your way to a more chiseled physique.

Best wishes,

P.S. don't forget about nutrition!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Diet Drinks Add Up!

Hello Again,

Do you drink Pop?  If so, do you drink regular or diet?  If you answered diet, pay attention. 

When you reach for a pop, why do you chose diet over regular?  (keep in mind I am not saying one is better than the other)  Do you chose the diet because it says zero calories?  Smart thinking.  Or is it? 

A study done at the University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill found that when people chose the diet version of their favorite soft drink, they were more likely to indulge in other sugary treats and more bread than people who chose water.  "Artificial sweeteners may increase your hunger for sweet things,"  says study author Barry Popkin, Ph.D. 

Keeping that in mind.  If you choose the zero calorie diet pop over the regular version, which on average is 120 calories/ serving, there is a far greater chance that you eliminated your sole purpose for choosing the diet pop in the first place.  In fact, there is a chance that you may have doubled or even tripled your calorie intake by choosing the diet version. 

Next time you reach for a diet pop think about it!  If you do chose the diet variety, pay attention to how much you actually snack and to what snacks you're craving and the ones you're choosing.

By eliminating these unconscious calories, you can increase the potential for positive results.

Best Wishes,

Friday, February 17, 2012


Hello Again,

My apologies for not posting last week. :(  But I was in Disney World. :) 

There is a common misconception in the fitness world when it comes to building muscle and losing weight.  That misconception is that tons of cardio gets results.  NOT NECESSARILY TRUE! 

Yes, cardio can and does help, but too much cardio can have negative effects too.  If your primary goal is to lose weight, then adjust how you eat, how often you eat and how much you eat and how you train. 

Cardio should be part of everyones repretoir, but it should never be the only thing.  Doing cardio can help to lose weight, but when done incorrectly and too much, you may be losing the good weight that you want to keep.  MUSCLE! 

Too much long distance running can cause your body to store fat and burn muscle (good fuel) during such cardiovascular bouts.  So, if find yourself on the treadmill or elliptical for hours at a time at the same pace chances are that you are not burning as much fat as you like.  Try switching things up and performing more sprint oriented workouts when doing cardio. 

Sprinting activates fast twitch muscles, which in turn, helps to build muscle instead of breaking it down.  Thus, allowing for a better fat burning session than ever before.

So, if you've been busting your butt running mile after mile to lose weight, although you may be losing weight, you aren't seeing your trouble spots go away, change how you train.  Unless you're training for a marathon or a distance run, try incorporating more short burst, high intensity, explosive exercises into your training to start seeing the results you've been working for. 

Best of Luck,